Dental Implants

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial teeth that mimic your entire teeth structure. They have a root and a crown, like natural teeth. Dentists fix artificial roots into your jawbone, then place an abutment and artificial crown on top.

Replace Missing Teeth with a Lifelong, Natural-Looking Solution

Looking to replace missing teeth or fix those beyond repair? Dental implants could be your best choice.

Dental implants act like real teeth, replicating the complete tooth structure. They include both a root and a crown. The dentists secure an artificial root into your jawbone, then attach an abutment and crown on top. Check the Pros and Cons of Dental Implants here, to make sure this is the right choice for your dental issues.


Dental implants in Turkey:

Turkey is a leading destination for implants, offering affordable treatment by expert dentists. It’s also a great place to enjoy some sightseeing.


In Turkey, the average dental implant cost is $700-$800. Even with the best materials and clinics, the maximum cost is $1,500. This covers the implant, abutment, and zirconia porcelain crown. Meanwhile, the average cost in the US and Canada is $3,500-$5500, in the UK it is £1500-6000, and in Europe, it’s €1500-2500.


The treatment process does not need hospitalization or staying in bed. So, you can enjoy sightseeing, shopping, visiting museums, going to beaches and spas, and eating delicious foods, and drinks.


Dental implants with Artemis Clinics:

Artemis Clinics plans everything and support you in all the steps of your travel. We guarantee an enjoyable, refreshing journey with the best dental treatment possible. We manage all your requirements: consulting, transportation, accommodation, dentist appointment, surgery, sightseeing, etc.


Artemis Clinics connects you with top-rated clinics and dentists in Turkey, specifically in Izmir and Istanbul. You can also check our list of professional dentists as per your preference.


We prioritize your health and comfort before, during, and after treatment. We cater to your unique needs and then provide you with an individual package.


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