Gummy Smile Correction

Transform Your Smile with Artemis Gummy Smile Correction

Have you ever experienced the bitter-sweet feeling of smiling with gummies? Are you having trouble revealing your happiness and not worrying about showing your gummy smile?
We at Artemis Medical have a solution that can bring back your confident smile, all while you enjoy a splendid vacation in Turkey!

What is Gummy Smile

When an excessive amount of gum tissue shows above the top teeth when smiling, we call it gummy smile. There are several reasons you might have a gummy smile, such as:
  • Excess gum tissue due to genetics or unique development
  • Improper emerge of teeth, making them appear shorter
  • Overactive upper lip muscles that expose more gums
  • Misaligned teeth and jaws development due to conditions like overbite or vertical maxillary excess
  • Persistent teeth grinding or clenching
  • Certain medications and health conditions causing gum overgrowth
  • Dental restorations like crowns or veneers leading to an uneven gum line or excessive gum display

botox gummy smile

How can you Correct Gummy Smiles with Artemis?

Artemis Clinics has access to the best dentists in Turkey. We arrange your travel and dentist appointment to get the most suitable treatment. Also, we manage all your non-medical requirements: consulting, transportation, accommodation, dentist appointment, surgery, sightseeing, etc.
Your dentist may recommend you one of the below treatments:
Laser Gum Treatment: This removes diseased tissue, leaving healthy tissue intact, and adjusts the gum line for a pleasing look.
Maxillofacial Surgery: For certain cases, repositioning the jaw bone could rectify a gummy smile.
Orthodontic Treatment: Braces or aligners can help reposition your teeth, correcting some gummy smiles.
Botox: This non-surgical, minimally invasive solution relaxes hyperactive muscles causing high upper lip lift, reducing gum exposure. Effects are temporary, requiring repeat treatments every 3-6 months.
There are other surgical and non-surgical methods that may be suitable for your unique situation. our team of trusted dentists will guide you toward the best treatment for you.
Why do you postpone having a good journey and possessing the beautiful smile you deserve?
Fill out the below form or contact us for immediate action!

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